Byamakesh Nayak, Rupa Mishra



Input Current Shaping of Single Phase Matrix Converter by Designing lc Filter With Closed Loop Technique

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Single phase matrix converter(SPMC),Sinusoidal pulse width modulation(SPWM), Bidirectional switches, Total harmonic distortion(THD), PI controller, Closed loop technique, Resonant Filter.


This paper presents single phase matrix converter(SPMC) topology capable of generating higher output frequency which is used for high frequency applications such as induction heating. Proposed configuration reduces total harmonic distortion (THD) of supply current with the injection of LC resonant filter at the supply end. By the analysis of dominant side band components of the supply current ,the resonant LC filter is chosen. The cut off frequency of Filter transfer function is estimated through bode plot. However at low output frequency(less than 1kHz) ,filter is only able to reject higher order component, but lower order harmonics mainly 3rd ,5th order components still exist in input current. This demands closed loop control technique for removing lower as well as higher order component simultaneously. Closed loop control of SPMC shapes the input current sinusoidal in nature at low output frequency less than 1Khz but the spike arises for higher output frequency ,which affect the switching stresses. To avoid the spike and make active current shaping, purely sinusoidal, at any output frequency, LC filter is inserted at the supply end. Proper switching technique is explained in detail to eliminate the commutation problem .The simulation results of this topology is verified by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


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