Abayomi Omishore



Fuzzy Analysis of the Serviceability Limit State of a Truss Cantilever

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Fuzzy, set, serviceability, limit state, structure, reliability, truss, cantilever


The presented article deals with the analysis of the reliability of a steel truss structure. The principal design criteria of structural analysis are described. Conventional and unconventional methods of reliability analysis are discussed. The serviceability limit state is studied in the light of fuzzy uncertainty of the geometric parameters of load bearing members of the truss structure. The deformation of the studied truss structure is evaluated as the output fuzzy number using the general extension principle. Material and geometric linear and material linear and geometric non-linear FEM methods are used to determine the deformation of the truss structure. The application of advanced computational methods of reliability analysis in operational research is discussed.

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Abayomi Omishore. (2016) Fuzzy Analysis of the Serviceability Limit State of a Truss Cantilever. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 112-117