Mara Petersone, Aivars Vilnis Krastins, Karlis Ketners



Implementation of Lifelong Learning for Improving Customs Education System in Latvia and the World

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Paper is devoted to actual problem of education and human resource management in field of customs administration and Latvian experience for solving crucial training problem – interaction of custom administration processes and relevant knowledge. Generally training organizers are developing own training programs following objectives of staff development strategies, but custom’s community stakeholders - World Customs Organization and world customs administrations together with academics are looking for better training support mechanism, how to create contact points for university and customs internal training and to create qualitative business training programs in the customs area. The aim of research is to describe the mechanism of existing and potential training management. As the result of study the generalized approach for satisfaction of training needs for joint tax and customs administration worked out and proposals on the improvement of training management mechanism is offered. Research based on comparative analysis of literature and practical experience of custom education institutions.


Customs administration, public administration, human resource management, training needs, universities


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