Batool. B. Al-Khraisat, Ali. S. Al-Dmour



Optimal PMU Placement Considering Fault Tolerant Enhancement

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Phasor measurement unit (PMU) has been becoming an important device to implement wide area measurement system (WAMS). Practical implementation of WAMS needs to an economic study due to the high cost of PMUs, the technical benefits should also be studied to enhance the fault tolerance of the monitoring system. In this paper, PMU placement from fault tolerant point of view is proposed. The proposed method provides the optimal PMUs placement (OPP) under observability constraint. The objective function of proposed method get priority to install PMUs at the critical buses in the entire system. Additionally, a bi-level optimization framework is proposed to select the optimal PMUs placement which increases the measurements reliability, that to enhances the network fault tolerance. In this paper graph theory visualization is used to visualize the PMU placement results. The proposed method has been tested and validated on IEEE 6 bus, 30 bus, 39 bus, 57 bus, and 118 bus test systems.


Phasor measurement unit, optimal PMU placement, wide area measurement system, reliability, fault tolerance.


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Batool. B. Al-Khraisat, Ali. S. Al-Dmour. (2021) Optimal PMU Placement Considering Fault Tolerant Enhancement. International Journal of Computers, 6, 22-32


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