Christos D. Papageorgiou



Curved Linear Antennas as Quantum Traps

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Curved linear antennas of arbitrary shape can be considered as a special case of quantum thin conducting wire traps of their free electrons and a numerical method is proposed for the calculation of their current distribution. In a case of low energy excitation with a proper frequency, only the fundamental mode with its lowest Eigen-value appears and the respective Eigen-function is its current distribution along it. In a previous paper Papageorgiou et al., proposed a numerical method of calculating the radiation pattern of any arbitrary shape linear thin antenna, with a known current distribution of its free electrons along with it. Also in a recent paper Papageorgiou et al., introduced the Resonant Transmission Line (RTL) method for numerically tackling the problem of linear quantum wires with arbitrary curvature. This method is also applied here in order to calculate the fundamental Eigenvalue and its respective Eigenfunction of any arbitrary shape curved linear thin antenna. The analysis reveals a strict dependency of the energy Eigen-values to the curvature magnitude with significant lowering of the first harmonic beyond a threshold value which severely affects excitability of the respective Eigen-function. The proposed method is applied in the study of a very sensitive antenna made of constant curvature circular arcs.


Schrödinger equation, linear antenna, circular arc antenna


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