D. N. Riahi



Blood Flow in Catheterized Elastic Artery with Stenosis

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arterial flow, blood flow, stenosis, elastic artery, two-phase flow, blood cells, blood plasma


We consider unsteady two-phase blood flow in an elastic artery and in the presence of stenosis, which is based on the available experimental data. The stenosis is a condition where an artery wall thickens as a result of fatty materials such as cholesterol. The investigated artery system is considered in the presence of a catheter. Catheter is a standard tool that is used for diagnosis and treatment in patients whose artery flow is affected by the presence of stenosis. The governing unsteady equations are solved subjected to reasonable approximations and under restriction of low blood frequency. Blood flow quantities such as blood speed, blood pressure force, wall shear stress and impedance are computed for different values of the parameters and the hematocrit due to percentage level of the red cells in the plasma.

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D. N. Riahi. (2017) Blood Flow in Catheterized Elastic Artery with Stenosis. International Journal of Medical Physiology, 2, 1-4