Grace O. Akinlabi, Raphael B. Adeniyi



Sixth-Order Hybrid Boundary Value Method for Systems of Boundary Value Problems

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Hybrid Boundary Value Methods (HyBVMs) are a new class of Boundary Value Methods (BVMs) proposed recently for the approximation of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). Just like the BVMs, the HyBVMs are also based on the Linear Multistep Methods (LMMs) while utilizing data at both step and off-step points. Numerical tests on both linear and nonlinear Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) were presented using HyBVMs of order 6. The results were compared with two symmetric schemes: Extended Trapezoidal Rule (ETR) and Top Order Method (TOM).


Boundary value methods, hybrid BVMs, boundary value problems, linear multistep method, numerical methods for ODEs.


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