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Numerical Analysis of Free Convection Casson Fluid Flow from a Spinning Cone in non-Darcy Porous Medium with Partial Slip and Viscous Dissipation Effects

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In the present study, a numerical analysis on free convection Casson fluid flow from a spinning cone in non-Darcy porous medium with radiation, partial slip, cross diffusion and viscous dissipation is considered. The surface of the cone is heated under linear surface heat flux (LSHF). The boundary layer partial differential equations were converted into a system of ordinary differential equations which were then solved using spectral relaxation method (SRM). In this study, we demonstrate the accuracy of the SRM as an alternative method in solving boundary value problems. The results obtained in this study were compared with others in the literature and found to be in excellent agreement. The boundary layer velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are computed for different values of the physical parameters. In particular, the effect of the Casson parameter, spin parameter, Eckert number, Soret number, velocity slip factor, thermal slip factor and concentration slip factor on velocity, temperature and concentration profiles was studied. It is shown that increasing the Casson parameter decrease velocity profiles. Increasing the velocity slip factor tend to assist the flow, while increasing the thermal and concentration slip factors tend to reduce temperature and concentration profiles respectively.


Casson fluid, spinning cone, partial slip, Spectral relaxation method


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