Yonghoon Kim, Jechang Jeong



Fast Overlapped Block Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up Conversion

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Frame rate up conversion, fast motion estimation, partial distortion search


In this paper, we propose a fast motion estimation algorithm to be used for motion-compensated frame rate up conversion (FRUC). The FRUC techniques are used to enhance the visual quality of the low frame rate video on display. By using the motion vectors obtained from motion estimation process, the new frames can be interpolated. The motion estimation is the key part of the FRUC process but it is suffers from high computational complexity. Therefore we proposed fast overlapped block motion estimation algorithm which can be adapted to FRUC algorithm. We reduce the complexity of the motion estimation by using new sub-block calculation order based fast motion estimation algorithm.

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Yonghoon Kim, Jechang Jeong. (2016) Fast Overlapped Block Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up Conversion. Circuits and Electronics, 1, 93-96