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Poseidon: Non-server WEB Forms Off-line Processing System

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WEB forms processing, e-mail services, non-server based system, conference management system, small business system


The proposed Poseidon system is based on e-mail services of filled forms instead of WEB server based services. This approach is convenient especially for small applications or small–medium companies. It is based on PDF forms that are available on a WEB page. PDF forms can be downloaded, off-line filled in, printed and finally sent by e mail for final processing. Data are actually stored in the local outbox waiting for a connection to a mail server. This follows an idea of the standard "paper" letter sending. Filled in data are actually sent when a user is on-line, therefore a user is "free" of being on-line when filling the forms. When the PDF form is processed on the recipient side, answer is sent back via e-mail as well. Typical application is e.g. in conference management systems, systems for submission to journals etc. The great advantage of the PDF forms use is that they can be easily made or modified by a non-specialized administrative person easily


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