Momcilo Brajic, Eva Tuba, Raka Jovanovic



Ovelapping Block-Based Algorithm for Copy-Move Forgery Detection in Digital Images

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Widespread use of digital images beside many benefits has some issues. Photography has long ago lost its authenticity. It is important to demonstrate the originality of images in digital forensics, because unfortunately with the progress of the hardware and software industry a photography manipulation is increasingly easier. One of the well know forgery with digital images is so-called copy-move forgery. In this paper we proposed a method for the detection of copy-move forgery. It is a block based method that uses blocks of the size 16*16 divided in 4 smaller blocks with appropriate set of 9 characteristics. The method was tested on standard benchmark images and it proved to be very successful.


Digital image forensics, image forgery detection, copy-move forgery detection, block-based forgery detection algorithm


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