Yeong-Yil Yang, Jong-Cheol Lee



Multi-Agent Cloud System for Remote Housing Management

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In this paper, we propose multi-agent cloud system called HAMS(Housing Automatic Management System) for monitoring and controlling the housings installed all over the city through Ethernet or 3G/LTE mobile communication. We designed and implemented the cloud system to control and monitor the housings. The data in the cloud can be accessed on agents which are client PCs or smart phones. The environment of the housing, such as temperature, humidity and impact can be monitored on agents and the equipment in the housing can be controlled on agents. Our multi-agent cloud system is installed in several cities such as JinJu City, Namhae City and Hapcheon City in Gyeongsang Namdo Province in Korea and so on. It’s working well.


3G/LTE, Cloud System, Housing, Monitoring System, Smart Phone, CCTV


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