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LASDA: An Archiving System for Managing and Sharing Large Scientific Data

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ICT Technology has cultivated data-intensive and interdisciplinary research paradigm. In various scientific domain, data became an essential mean to advance research and, furthermore, it is considered as great asset to have latent value. Archiving helps researchers or institutes managing their information assets. For managing and sharing data effectively, it is required to provide functionality considering the characteristics of scientific data. We define core functions of an archiving system by analysis of the characteristics of scientific data and compare representative data systems in the view of the functions and performance evaluation. As a result, we present an archiving system design named LASDA for large scientific data using a base repository system that is chosen by functional analysis. Our system is designed to provide enduring facilities for efficient and reliable management of large scientific data. It is planned to implement for Korea national research data service.


Archiving system, Scientific data, Big data, Data management, Data sharing


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