Mirko Novák



Hazards Caused by Driver Aggressive and Nontolerant Behavior

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Human caused hazards, aggressive behavior, driver aggressiveness, road accidents, electroencephalography, bio-feedback stimulation, random factors influences, uncertainty appearance effects


The safety of human population in almost permanently endangered by many hazards coming not only from external natural causes, but very often also from human own activities, necessary for its survival. The transportation realized by vehicles on roads belongs to some of most important. We cannot live without it. Unfortunately, all the road transportation activities around the world are followed by very many accidents causing terrible losses, not only on economy, but also on human health and lives. Beside other causes of road accidents, those resulting from human behavior unreliability, driving faults and sometime also bad will is the aggressiveness of driver very serious. Therefore, the driver aggressive behavior and possibilities of its prevention and minimization is chosen as topic of this contribution.

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Mirko Novák. (2016) Hazards Caused by Driver Aggressive and Nontolerant Behavior. Transportation Systems, 1, 53-56