Jose M. Arias



Demystifying Navigation Systems - User-Centric Perspective Approach

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COMPASS Navigation Satellite System, Galileo, Global Navigation Satellite System, Global Positioning System, systems engineering, & user needs


Russia, the United States, European Union, and even China seem to be all of them embarked in highly consuming projects in terms of cost and time. While it seems to be widely accepted that human capital is enriched through interactions between systems engineers and the final product itself, it is questionable whether the system built is good enough for its user. The trend is currently to evolve the systems existing towards better performances but whether the final user device is aware of it or not during the operational timeline of the system is not clear at all.

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Jose M. Arias. (2016) Demystifying Navigation Systems - User-Centric Perspective Approach. Transportation Systems, 1, 61-67