S. Emre Alptekin



Data Pricing Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Game theory, intelligent transportation systems, Internet of things, pricing mechanism


Ubiquitous sensing a critical enabler for intelligent transportation systems is becoming a reality due to recent advancements in wireless sensor networks. Internet of Things paradigm provides the necessary tools to define how the information should be gathered and shared across different platforms. Intelligent transportation systems, effected by this transformation provides wide range of applications in areas such as routing, smart logistics, assisted/autonomous driving, environmental monitoring etc. These applications require a high level of initial investment in terms of infrastructure. Therefore, efficient resource management and service pricing is essential for attracting the customers who will use and/or share data provided by the platforms/customers. The mechanisms in place have to manage efficiently the flow of data on possibly unpredictable network conditions. Data pricing, an instrument that captures users’ utilities, provides users’ right economic incentives and manages network congestion especially in high demand periods. In this paper, a framework based on game theory with a data exchange regulator is proposed to deal with data pricing. The framework considers effects of price and quality variations on demand hence on utilities of service providers. The provided case study demonstrates applicability of the proposed methodology.

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S. Emre Alptekin. (2016) Data Pricing Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 1, 139-146