Luiz Antonio Reis, Eduardo Dias, Sergio Pereira



Comparative Analysis Among Vehicles Tracking Technologies

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Telecommunication, tracking, RFID, Cell phone, GPS, WAVE, DSRC, image processing


The objective of the comparative analysis among vehicles tracking technologies is to study the main characteristics and analyze the advantage and disadvantage of each technology.Day by day communication is more necessary and improves the way and speed-up the information between people and process. The track systems are fundamental to compare the planned route with the actual situation. Telecommunication and Information Technology optimize routes, avoid accidents and actuate sending warning, alerts and field team to isolate a given zone. The research is based on five feasible technologies to track vehicles: a)RFID Radio Frequency IDentification technology; b)Cell Phone carriers using GSM, GPRS, WCDMA or LTE in commercial networks; c) Global Positioning Satellite; d)Vehicle network, V2X technology, IEEE 802.11p standard; e) Surveillance camera to catch the trucks identification

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Luiz Antonio Reis, Eduardo Dias, Sergio Pereira. (2016) Comparative Analysis Among Vehicles Tracking Technologies. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 1, 28-38