Jose Goncalo, Eduardo Dias



Apps Influence on Urban Mobility – Improving Intelligent Cities

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urban mobility, applications, smart cities


The availability of mobile internet and mobility related apps are changing things on the roads. By using the data available in application software for handheld devices, people are finding more efficient and effective ways to move around, but how could it be accelerated? To answer this question, three main categories of applications were studied due to their impact and scale on urban mobility and its services. This article aims to increase the understanding about these technologies by discussing, based on existing literature and analysis of the three chosen apps, how the usage of these tools can influence the user and traffic in general and by proposing ways to use the capabilities and data available to enhance urban mobility management. In conclusion partnerships and information exchange can provide many effective intelligent mobility contributions and improve life quality in urban centers.

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Jose Goncalo, Eduardo Dias. (2016) Apps Influence on Urban Mobility – Improving Intelligent Cities. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 1, 21-27