Mateckova Pavlina, Smirakova Martina



Utilization of Asphalt Belt as Sliding Joint for Friction Elimination

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asphalt belt, undermined area, pre-stressing, sliding joint, horizontal subsoil deformation


Foundation structures are usually exposed to dominant vertical load. In some cases there is also significant value of horizontal deformation load caused by horizontal terrain deformation on areas attached with underground mining or by horizontal deformation of foundation structure due to pre-stressing, creep, shrinkage, and temperature variation. The idea of sliding joints between subsoil and foundation structure, which eliminates the friction in footing bottom, made of asphalt belt has been analyzed at Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava in long term. The influence of vertical and horizontal load and the effect of temperature in temperature controlled room have been examined. Currently targeted heating of asphalt belt used in specimen of sliding joint was tested. In the paper there are test results of shear resistance of currently used asphalt belts, also with respect to temperature. Utilization of test results is also mentioned.

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Mateckova Pavlina, Smirakova Martina. (2016) Utilization of Asphalt Belt as Sliding Joint for Friction Elimination. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 315-319