Dmitry Platonov, Andrey Minakov, Andrey Sentyabov, Dmitry Dekterev



Numerical Investigation of Flow Structure in Hydraulic Turbines of High-Head Power Development

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Francis turbine, numerical simulation, pressure pulsation, the precession of the vortex rope, turbulence, CFD


Numerical technique for calculating pressure pulsations in a high-head hydro power plant (HHPP) is presented in the paper. The results of application of the numerical technique for description of unsteady turbulent flow in a flow path of a water turbine are presented. Adaptation of numerical method performed on the results of the simulation of turbulent unsteady flow in the flow path of the high-head hydro power plant is carried out. The structure of the flow behind the runner and its influence on the intensity of nonstationary processes was analyzed. Comparison of calculation results with the prototype experimental data was carried out. A good agreement between theory and experiment was obtained.

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Dmitry Platonov, Andrey Minakov, Andrey Sentyabov, Dmitry Dekterev. (2016) Modeling of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Metals in Wet H2S Containing Environments. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 61-64