Denis Kotarski, Petar Piljek, Matija Krznar



Mathematical Modelling of Multirotor UAV

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UAV, multirotor, 6 DOF, rigid body, Newton-Euler method, movement matrix, tilt angle


Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are used in many applications such as surveillance, inspection operations, and disaster site observations. Mathematical model of a multirotor UAV is indispensable in movement simulation and later control design. Mathematical model is, at the same time, the first step in comprehending the mathematical principles and physical laws which are applied to the multirotor system. In this paper we derived movement matrix for multirotor UAV and analyse multirotor configuration to force and torque distribution in space. Because of different requirements for payload, agility, power consumption, manipulability, it is necessary to know which multirotor configuration is optimal for particular demand. Analysis results of multirotor configuration are graphically shown by force and torque ellipsoids. By changing the tilt angle, multirotor UAV is able to achieve full controllability over its 6 DOF body pose in space, respectively, it can decouple position from orientation.

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Denis Kotarski, Petar Piljek, Matija Krznar. (2016) Mathematical Modelling of Multirotor UAV. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 233-238