Smirakova Martina, Mateckova Pavlina, Buchta Vojtech



Deformation of Foundation Structure and their Experimental Testing

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foundation structure, reinforced concrete, subsoil, slab deformation


This paper deals with experimental tests of concrete foundation slabs which are loaded by concentrated load. Tests are carried out at the steel test frame structure which is placed open air at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Ostrava. Tested slabs are usually by dimension 2 x 2m and have different thickness between 100 and 200mm. A lot of physical quantities are tested in those experiments and experiments are then multidisciplinary because geotechnical, acoustic, strain gauges and deformation measurements are conducted. This paper addresses especially with punching shear analysis and maximum punching resistance of tested slab. If the slab was failed by punching shear, it was monitored and measured dimension and shape of punching failure and results compared between themselves. Attention will be also given to contact surface which is changed during experimental test. Last but not last results from the experiment and results according to design methods used in EC2 are compared in this paper.

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Smirakova Martina, Mateckova Pavlina, Buchta Vojtech. (2016) Deformation of Foundation Structure and their Experimental Testing. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 303-308