Dmitry Dekterev, Dmitry Platonov



An Experimental Study of Flow in Model of Hydraulic Turbine

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precession, vortex, pressure pulsation, hydraulic turbine


The aerodynamic model of the hydraulic power plant flow path on a scale of 1/67.6 is constructed. Flow structure and pulsation characteristics of flow in draft tube downstream the runner of hydraulic turbine were measured using the laser-Doppler anemometer and sound-level meter. Modes with various modifications of models (with and without runner) in wide range of flow rates and runner speed were studied. Turbine operation modes with forming of precession vortex core were investigated. The effect of stabilizing constructions on the pulsating characteristics of flow was studied.

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Dmitry Dekterev, Dmitry Platonov. (2016) An Experimental Study of Flow in Model of Hydraulic Turbine. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 71-73