Joo Han Kim, Myungsung Lee



A Study on the Fusion Reducer Module with No-Lubrication, High Precision for the Robot

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Fusion reducer module, No-lubrication transmission, Dynamic, Static, Analysis, Cycloid


The fusion reducer module increases the torque of the motor in the robot system, and converting rotational motion into linear motion or a linear motion to rotational motion. The fusion reducer module part is a robot system to determine the final motion performance. Features of the reducer module for the latest robots are the main influence factors reducer weight directly connected with the base load of the platform for manufacturing the robot. Therefore, it is possible to secure stability of the overall system by giving the weight increase compared to when the reducer module is light weight portable. On the small thin structure reducer module in robotics can ensure a high design flexibility. This study relates to a fusion reducer module for implementing a light weight, thin integrally built-in reducer the development module. The features of the development fusion reducer module is to implement the cycloid or planetary motion in a rotary motion to place a different component in the internal system components to planetary motion and coupled cycloid motion. This paper contains the dynamic Analysis, static Analysis of development reducer module.

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Joo Han Kim, Myungsung Lee. (2016) A Study on the Fusion Reducer Module with No-Lubrication, High Precision for the Robot. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1, 104-107