Jung-Fang Chen, Kuo-Min Ko, Chunwei Lu


Service Industry of Taiwan Tourism Hotel

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Strategy, Competitive Advantage, Industry, Taiwan, Tourism Hotel, Tourist


Regarding to raising living standard in Taiwan, service industry had stand more than 65% GDP and manufacturing was around 35% since 2000. The data from Council for Economic Planning and Development of Taiwan, in 2015, the service industry stand more than 73% of GDP, and the tourism industry has played one of the most important rules. In service industry, recently, the policy of Taiwan government encourages overseas tourists come to Taiwan for resort and it made many new tourism hotels built, and they also had to do the overall reform to satisfy their customers of global, especially respecting on Eastern Asia. In this study, experts and scholars in the fields of industry academia were interviewed. And some of the experts considered that the Chinese tourists come or not come to Taiwan would not be a very problem for them because most of their target market was in Japan or Korea. However, some of the experts especially the chain tourism hotels considered that they invested most of the capital on hardware and expected more group tourists from China would like their service but it looked that they have to change their strategy on it. Survey were issued to the object companies and a comparative case study was conducted analysing the influencing factors and extent to which differences on the competitive edge and strategies of Taiwan tourism hotels and those which benefit most or least from business operation current situation that conducted with governments’ support and internal management. By primary data and literature reviews, this study hoped that an effective reference for improving industrial competitiveness and models of competitiveness could be available for the governments and the companies.

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