Hieu Q. Nguyen, Xiaodi Wang



Pseudo Quantum Steganography with “Color Barcode” in M-band Wavelet Domain

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pseudo quantum steganography, pseudo quantum signal, M-band wavelets, Color barcode


The world we are living in is growing exponentially with the help of application of mathematics, technology, and new innovation. The needs for security of transmitting private (secrete) information are high on demand whether information is from a corporation, the government, social media, or an individual. To solve such problems, many steganography and cryptograph algorithms have been developed. With the current advancements and development of quantum computers and quantum computing theory, new quantum steganography schemes are more and more attractive due to their unconditional security assured by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. In this paper, instead of using real quantum methods such as quantum key distribution (QKD, quantum secret sharing (QSS), quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) without a “real” quantum computer, we propose a Pseudo Quantum Steganography with “Color Barcode” in M-band Wavelet Domain. The probability to decode our hidden information is about 12?? where n is the size of that information. Assured by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and no-cloning theorem, this algorithm is nearly impossible for any attackers to decode if our algorithm is performed on a quantum computer.

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Hieu Q. Nguyen, Xiaodi Wang. (2016) Pseudo Quantum Steganography with “Color Barcode” in M-band Wavelet Domain. International Journal of Signal Processing, 1, 160-168