Moiz A. Hussain, G. U. Kharat



Precise Human Motion Detection and Tracking in Dynamic Environment

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Video surveillance; Object Tracking; Kalman Filter; Dual Frame Differences.


An extensive amount of research is undergoing in the field of computer vision is related to object detection & tracking. Detection and tracking of the moving objects in dynamic environment is a difficult task. In this paper, we describe a framework for the detection and tracking of moving people in indoor\outdoor environment. The algorithm consists of two steps: at first, we use a Dual frame differencing method for motion detection. Then, algorithm performance is improved for false motion detection using morphological operations. The second step of the algorithm is object tracking framework based on Kalman filtering which works well in dynamic scenes. Experimental result shows that the method yields superior performance as compared to the other methods of video surveillance.

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Moiz A. Hussain, G. U. Kharat. (2016) Precise Human Motion Detection and Tracking in Dynamic Environment. International Journal of Signal Processing, 1, 61-70