Dimitar Georgiev, Tasho Tashev, Ivo Draganov



Issuing Process of Bulgarian Identity and Travel Documents and the Use of Biometrics

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ID card, Passport, Travel Documents, Biometrics, Digital Certificate, Digital Signature, ICAO


In this paper an extensive overview is presented of the currently issued identification and travel documents along with some types used in the recent past in the Republic of Bulgaria. The general outlook and the graphic design of the cover and inner pages are described for the different types. Different aspects of the issuing process concerning organizational procedures and technical details are covered along with a set of limiting measures against misuse. Special attention is posed to the electronically stored personal data on a chip for some of the documents allowing for the citizens to use digital signatures. In order to have electronic identity framework at national level a centralized database and information system has been developed which structure and main functions are also described. Apart from physical features high security of the identity documents is guaranteed by the use of digital certificates tightly connected to a national signer with its own management system. Also the use of document validity portal as well as other web-based services is investigated in the current study. Plans for issuing new types of more advanced documents in the near future are also discussed.

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Dimitar Georgiev, Tasho Tashev, Ivo Draganov. (2017) Issuing Process of Bulgarian Identity and Travel Documents and the Use of Biometrics. International Journal of Signal Processing, 2, 11-20