Juyoung Kim, Sang Uk Shin



Entropy Test Using the PPG Sensor of LED Light Source

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PPG, Entropy test, Bio-signal


Biometric information security is an important issue in the BSN (Body Sensor Network). In particular, physiological sensor may be related to the patient's life. In recent, a case of insulin pump hacking was reported. To prevent these security risks, a secure communication protocol between BSNs is needed. Therefore a key generation method using a bio-signal is required. In this paper, entropy test is performed to generate a key using bio-signals. In addition, an entropy test is performed for green, red and infrared LED light source to analyze an LED suitable for generating a key.

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Juyoung Kim, Sang Uk Shin. (2016) Entropy Test Using the PPG Sensor of LED Light Source. International Journal of Signal Processing, 1, 192-195