Peter Z. Revesz



A Computer-Aided Translation of the Cretan Hieroglyph Script

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Computational Linguistics, Cretan Hieroglyphs, Decipherment, Cryptography, Data Mining and Analytics, Relational Databases, SQL


This paper presents a computer-aided translation of the Cretan Hieroglyph script. The sound values of Cretan Hieroglyph symbols are identified by matching the Cretan Hieroglyph symbols to Phaistos Disk symbols with already known sound values. The matching of pairs of symbols is checked by computer software that finds numerous matches between short Cretan Hieroglyph inscriptions and the Phaistos Disk text. As a result, several Cretan Hieroglyph inscriptions can now be deciphered with a high confidence.

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Peter Z. Revesz. (2016) A Computer-Aided Translation of the Cretan Hieroglyph Script. International Journal of Signal Processing, 1, 127-133