S. Bhongade, B. Tyagi



Dynamic Participation of Gencos in SMES Based Competitive Electricity Market

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Automatic Generation Control (AGC), Genetic Algorithm, Super-conducting Energy Storage (SMES) unit, Generator Rate Constraints.


A dynamic participation of Gencos in a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) unit based multi-area Automatic Generation Control scheme is presented. In this paper, SMES units have been used to the power systems to inject or absorb active power. Developed scheme utilizes a proportional, integral and derivative (PID) controller to control the output of the generators. The parameters of PID controller have been tuned according to Genetic Algorithm (GA) based performance indices. The developed Genetic Algorithm based PID (GAPID) controller has been tested on a practical Indian power system network representing 75- bus system. A deregulated electricity market scenario has been assumed in the 75- bus system, which has been divided into four control areas. Mixed transaction (Poolco and bilateral) has been considered in the frequency regulation. The effect of generator rate constraint (GRC) has also been included in developing the multi area AGC model.

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S. Bhongade, B. Tyagi. (2016) Dynamic Participation of Gencos in SMES Based Competitive Electricity Market. International Journal of Power Systems, 1, 7-16