Simona Riurean, Razvan Stoica, Monica Leba



Visible Light Communication for Audio Signals

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Is in human nature to be curious and aspire for more and better. In the last two decades, wireless communication systems spread unexpected fast and wide. Currently, total radio frequency (RF) wireless data traffic exceeds 11 Exabyte per month, creating a 97% gap between the traffic demand per device and the available data traffic per device in the mobile networks. This is the reason why RF wireless communication bottleneck is closely expected. Optical wireless communication (OWC), as a future reliable alternative, meets unprecedented spread in the last two decades, new and interesting implementations bringing hopes for its bright future. The paper shows an experimental electronic Rx-Tx prototype for one-way sound communication, in line-of-sight (LOF), optical communication through visible light. Visible light communication (VLC) concept, one of the OWC subsequent, is expected to bring indoors, not only illumination, but data traffic, as well.


OWC, VLC, sound data communication by light


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