Yang-Keun Ahn, Kwang-Soon Choi, Young-Choong Park



The Text Input System Using Spatial Finger Touch Method

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The present study proposes a way of entering letters by recognizing gestures involving slightly folding and unfolding the fingertips in a smart TV environment. To recognize fingertip gestures, an iterated local search algorithm (ILSA)-based gesture recognition algorithm was designed, and, to test this algorithm, an interface that operates in a Leap Motion camera was realized. To verify whether it was actually possible to enter letters remotely, two programs were employed based on the realized interface: LeapKII-SW, which recognizes gestures, and LeapKII-GUI, which prints out the letters recognized. These programs were then tested in an environment similar to smart TVs and, through a comparative analysis with existing studies, were confirmed to exhibit an enhanced character input speed.


Gesture, Gesture Recognition, Hand Gesture, Character Input, Spatial Touch, Finger Click, Leap Motion, Smart TV


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