G. C. Cardarilli, L. Di Nunzio, R. Fazzolari, A. Fereidountabar, F. Giuliani, M. Re, L. Simone



Optimization of DWT Parameters for Jamming Excision in DSSS Systems

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Direct Sequence/Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) is a commonly used communication technique for civilian and military applications. DSSS signals are characterized by wide bandwidth and a low power spectral density. Despite DSSS is very robust respect to the jamming, if jamming signals are high with respect to the Process Gain (GP ) some techniques must be introduced for guaranteeing a good link performance. For this reason modern satellites are equipped with an anti-jamming system. In this paper the use of the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) for the jamming detection and excision is analyzed. Experiments are performed considering the commonly used jammers types.


Jamming Excision, Wavelet Packet Decomposition, DSSS, DWT, Daubechies


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