Maryam Akhozahieh, Nasser Abdellatif



Narrowband Interference Suppression in Wavelet Packet Multirate Multicarrier Multicode CDMA System

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Multicode (MCD) scheme can be used to transmit information with Multirates (MR) in Multicarrier CodeDivision Multiple Access (MCCDMA) system. Since wavelet packets (WPs) have lower sidelobes compared with sinusoidal carriers, then systems which use WPs as subcarriers are very effective in reducing the problem of intercarrier interference. The CDMA can suppress a given amount of interference. To mitigate the effect of narrowband jammer interference, suppression filter (SF) can be used in the receiver. Also, to reduce multiple access interference diversity techniques can be used. In this paper, the bit error rate performance of a system denoted by WPMRCDMA is tested. The effects of SF type and number of taps were investigated. Also, the effect of service rates is presented.


Multirate, Suppression filter, Wavelet Packets


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