Won-Seok Lee, Myoung-Jin Kim, Jung-In Baik, Hyoung-Kyu Song



Linear Interference Cancellation Method for Relay Systems

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High mobile data traffic has been an important issue in wireless communication. In metropolitan areas that the data traffic is much higher than other areas, heterogeneous network (HetNet) is used to meet the traffic demand. The HetNet has several low power base stations (BS) or remote radio heads (RRH) in a macro cell coverage and sometimes coordinates the low power transmission points to improve system performance. This paper proposes linear interference cancellation method for relay system using the coordinated multipoint. In existing schemes, the cancellation is performed at a destination node but proposed method performs the cancellation at relay nodes to reduce the complexity of detection algorithm for the destination node. Simulation results show that proposed method achieves better BER performance than the existing full interference cancellation (FIC) method.


CoMP, CS, IRI, MIMO detection, ZF


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