Dragana Krstic, Mihajlo Stefanovic, Vesad Doljak, Zoran Popovic, Radmila Gerov



Distribution of Maximum and Minimum of K-µ-g Random Variables

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In this paper, the distributions of the maximum and the minimum of ?-µ-g random variables are derived. The ?-µ-g random variable was obtained from ?-µ random variable whose power has Gamma distribution. The expressions for probability density functions (PDF) of the maximum of two ?-µ-g random variables and minimum of two ?-µ-g random variables are performed and analyzed. Using these expressions, performance analysis of wireless communication systems in the presence of ?-µ-g multipath fading and ?-µ-g cochannel interference can be made.


κ-µ-g distribution, random variable, probability density function, maximum, minimum, short term fading, shadowing


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