G. D’Amato, G. Avitabile, G. Coviello



Design and Implementation of a Novel ECG Teleconsultation Platform

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This work presents the implementation of a novel ECG teleconsultation platform based on a 12-lead Bluetooth electrocardiograph for smartphone and tablet devices and a set of collaboration tools deployed in the cloud. The proposed apparatus comprises a fully integrated analog frontend, a microcontroller and a Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver. An application for smart devices configures the apparatus for acquisition, displays the digitized ECG samples on screen in real-time and allows to save or share the signals in the cloud. A web-based collection of collaboration tools allows, among the other features, to browse for a past exam, provide a diagnosis or leave a comment, and to create physicians’ workgroups.


ECG, Teleconsultation, Bluetooth Low Energy, Electrocardiograph, Collaboration Tools, Cloud Computing


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