K. P. Yadav, Saroj Patel, Tannu Arora



Challenges in Automatic Test Case Generation

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Automated software testing; optimization problem; UML Techniques; automatic test case generation; optimization problem; requirement specification


Our research approach in this paper will be through survey process using a questionnaire related to automation of test case generation to analyze use of UML and its implication software testing effectiveness. A questionnaire is a means of eliciting the feelings, beliefs, experiences, perceptions, or attitudes of some sample of individuals. As a data collecting instrument, it could be structured or unstructured. A questionnaire is prepared as a data collecting tool from development firms. This paper summarizes a survey in the field of automated software testing. The main aim of this paper is to show different type of challenges faced by testing team during test case generation and also, UML techniques used for automation of software testing process and sources of automatic test case generation. One critical task in software testing is to generate test cases. Since, test case generation has become an optimization problem hence scope remains open to apply some more techniques to achieve better results. The analysis used in this paper shows that automation of test case generation takes place early in the life cycle of software i.e., requirement specification which results in reduced cost of entire development of software.



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