R.Deepalakshmi, S.Rajaram



A Novel MAC Scheduling Algorithm to Regulate Multimedia Traffic with Promising QoS

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Quality of Service (QoS), Medium Access Control (MAC), Scheduling, Multimedia Traffic, Packet Drop Rate


Dynamic MAC Scheduling Algorithm (DMSA) to regulate packets on optical switches is a heap-based implementation uses a Distributed Traffic and Admission Control Heap (DTACH) characterizes multimedia streams with diverse Quality of Service (QoS) requirements to substantially improve solution quality and reduces the packet drop rate. We present a simulation environment that has been designed combining network simulator ns2 to predict the quality of service the experimental results demonstrate improved scalability compared to a liner implementation in supporting thousands of streams with strict real-time constraints, while causing no loss in accuracy compared to the FIFO algorithm. This DTACH algorithm achieves a low average delay and low packet drop rate as compared to other scheduling algorithms of equivalent complexity while still achieving similar throughput.


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