David Tucek, Barbora Dombeková, Strouhal Jirí



How can Ergonomics Help to Decrease Corporate Costs? - Evaluation of Local Muscular Load

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Ergonomics, Local Muscular Load, Electromyography, Long-Term, Excessive and Unilateral Overload, Job Rotation


In the 1990s, some authors started to examine the relationship between the work environment and the health condition of employees. They named an unsuitable work environment as being a cause of health problems of employees. They also claimed that the work environment was a crucial and often neglected part of working conditions. There is so many practical view a suitable work environment as a tool towards fulfilling corporate needs: maximum output at minimum cost. The rising costs associated with work-related injuries or occupational diseases are the most significant impacts of an inappropriate working environment. In connection with the development of work-related injuries or occupational diseases, there are several groups affected by costs: those workers where a loss of earnings, damages for pain and suffering, costs associated with treatment and material damage may occur; those employers affected by an adequate share of sickness, pensions, healthcare, costs of occupational care etc., and finally the insurance companies and the state involved in healthcare. The consequences of inappropriate working conditions are easily defined as worsening of the worker’s health and economic impact on a micro and macroeconomics level. However, the work environment is also viewed as one determiner of the quality of work, performance, satisfaction, work efficiency, work-related stress and also the worker’s creativity. This paper is focused on the comparison of currently available methods how to evaluate Local Muscular Load. Based on the Czech legislative environment there is the only one method of measurement using integrated electromyography (EMG). But our article offers an overview some other functional methods that we can use for evaluation of Local Muscular Load in the world. Furthermore we described completely new and innovative method developed by Tomas Bata University in Zlin, in cooperation with other Czech universities and Institutions. This method obtained Utility model in Czech Republic and now it is in the patent process.

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David Tucek, Barbora Dombeková, Strouhal Jirí. (2016) How can Ergonomics Help to Decrease Corporate Costs? - Evaluation of Local Muscular Load. Medical Physiology, 1, 14-18