Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa



Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Activity in Neurons

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Electrophysical activity, liquid junction, zone and depletion layer, positive pulse as typical output, negative pulse/positive - negative plateaus as variation, the first and the second messengers


This paper presents electrophysical activity in neurons. Electrophysical activity is analysed by motion of charges (ions) in time and space (zones). Dynamic modelling is composed of three electrical zones and two depletion layers (liquid junctions) induced in cytoplasm. This paper then presents that positive pulse is_x000D_
realized by this model as the typical output, and that negative pulse, positive and negative plateaus are realized as the variations depending on ion channels in receptors driven by the first and the second messengers. It is concluded that commonality in scheme and variation in output potentials exist in neurons.

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Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa. (2016) Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Activity in Neurons. International Journal of Medical Physiology, 1, 1-7