Jiri Balla, Zbynek Krist, Cong Ich Le



Testing of Hydraulically Driven Ramming Device

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Flowmeter, Pressure Gauge, Ramming Device, Ramming Velocity, Temperature of Fluid


The purpose of this article is to familiarize with new attitude to finding technical characteristics of the hydraulic powered ramming devices used in heavy guns. The results are values of the input and output pressures, input and output flows, temperature in hydraulic oil. The damping coefficient, and hydraulic resistances in the hydraulic circuits are derived from own technical experiments. The kinematic and dynamic parameters, as are the ramming velocity, the ramming force, and the ramming power, are derived from the measured input and output flows of the linear hydraulic actuator. They enable to give expert opinion about ramming device operation as whole. The results are used for validation of the dynamic model of the ramming device, and they serve as input data in course of calculation when is operating. Finally, results can be used as diagnostics data of the loading systems, and whole procedure as an example of the practicable technique in the higher military repair units because the current methods based on the military directives use the time of operation cycle as one and only diagnostics parameter.

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Jiri Balla, Zbynek Krist, Cong Ich Le. (2016) Testing of Hydraulically Driven Ramming Device. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 1, 125-130