Melda Ozdinc Carpinlioglu, Ozkan Kirec



A Measurement Practice for Thermal Characteristics of Porous Mediums

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Copper Foam, Temperature, Porous Medium, Porosity, Thermal Conductivity, SEM


The utilization of micro-channels have an increasing attention in a variety of industrial applications regarding their heat transfer and flow characteristics. Thermal characteristics of porous mediums which are modeled as bulk micro-channel patterns are the attention given in this paper. An experimental investigation is on site . Heat storage and transfer characteristics of copper foams are described as a function of shape, porosity, thickness, micro-structure and time. The basics of the measurements and the range of investigation are presented. The local temperature variations in porous medium are analysed in reference to thermal camera photography and scanning electron microscopy.

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Melda Ozdinc Carpinlioglu, Ozkan Kirec. (2016) A Measurement Practice for Thermal Characteristics of Porous Mediums. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 1, 45-48