Norizan Abdul Razak, Nurain Jantan Anua Jah



Social Media Activities in a Public University: A Case Study

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Social Media activities, Facebook pages, effective online writing, online writing strategies, technology and education.


The use of social media has expanded over time from its sole function for social interaction to other purposes especially when it comes on commercializing the image or brand of one’s company or institution and building the engagement between one user to another. Keeping up with the current trends and issues raised from the social media has influenced the way on what and how the users write their posts with variety of language features and styles in order to attract other users to read online. Therefore, this recent study is going to identify the online activities in the selected Facebook’s pages of a public university and also to identify the type of posts that receive the most and least 'like’ made by them in social media and lastly, to propose the effective online writing strategies in the social media in the context of public university. Four official and unofficial university’s Facebook pages are used in order to achieve the purposes of conducting this study through content analysis. The results show that all of the Facebook pages analysed has performed 'Update information related to events, activities and opportunities provided, organised or associated with the university’ as the most preferable online activity. The model of effective online writing has been proposed based on the findings found in terms of university’s context.

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Norizan Abdul Razak, Nurain Jantan Anua Jah. (2017) Social Media Activities in a Public University: A Case Study. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 2, 66-75