Peter Papcun, Iveta Zolotová



IoT Household Controlled by Cloud Technology

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IoT, Cloud, household, control, tablet, smart phone, web-page, Smart Living, Smart House


Contribution describes research and development of economic, comfortable, intelligent and smart premises for households, offices, workplaces and others residential or business premises. This article describes realization of intelligent household’s scale model, which uses the newest technology for smart and comfortable living. Today’s smart products are using local control, which are controlled by remote controllers or applications in smart phones and tablets. So people who bought these things have more and more controllers. Mostly, these products do not communicate between each other, so user controls every product separately. Therefore, we used mainly remote control using cloud systems and cloud computing in this research and development. We use the Internet of Things (IoT) solution to connect products in the house to the Internet, so we designed products (things) in house connectable to internet only with home WiFi router, which have every average household.

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Peter Papcun, Iveta Zolotová. (2016) IoT Household Controlled by Cloud Technology. Internet of Things and Web Services, 1, 103-109