Janet Zaharieva, Elissaveta Gourova



Introduction of e-Voting in Bulgaria

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electronic voting, democratic participation, legislation, Bulgarian case


The rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies in last decades influenced deep changes in economy and society world-wide. It provided new tools for democratic participation of citizens and faced governments with the challenges to rapidly change and respond to the emerging demands of the information era. Since the adoption of the Council of Europe Recommendation on legal, operational and technical standards for e-voting (electronic voting) in 2004, many countries have undertaken steps for implementing it. In Bulgaria, the government recently introduced new legal provisions in order to provide citizens opportunities for casting their votes by electronic means. The paper initially provides background information on the attempts for e-voting in other countries, and afterward presents the Bulgarian case.

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Janet Zaharieva, Elissaveta Gourova. (2016) Introduction of e-Voting in Bulgaria.  Internet of Things and Web Services, 1, 110-115