Dragorad A. Milovanovic, Zoran S. Bojkovic



Cloud-Based IoT Healthcare Applications: Requirements and Recommendations

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Internet of medical Things, Cloud-based IoT


Building an architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex task, concerning variety of devices and services to be involved in such a system. Healthcare applications impose rigorous requirements on system reliability, quality of service (QoS) and security. In a broad sense m-health represents the delivery of healthcare services through mobile devices, the function of which is to capture, analyze, store and transmit health information from multiple sources, including sensors and other biomedical acquisition systems. This paper surveys IoT for healthcare together with services and applications, security and technologies for promoting the corresponding services. In addition, this paper is going to invoke cloud-based technology and health IoT including Internet of medical things. Next, current standardization activities and recommendations are outlined. Proposals for the future work conclude the presentation.

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Dragorad A. Milovanovic, Zoran S. Bojkovic. (2017) Cloud-Based IoT Healthcare Applications: Requirements and Recommendations. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 2, 60-65