Javier Bilbao, Olatz García, Carolina Rebollar, Eugenio Bravo, Concepción Varela



Behaviors that Computational Thinking involves

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Computational thinking, computer ubiquity, digital competence, education, learning, teaching, skills.


In this time where the ubiquity of computation is more and more notorious, Computational Thinking is called to play a very important role in Education. Perhaps because its very short history, since we can say that it started its path in education when J. Wing presented her idea in 2006, there are various point of view about what Computational Thinking is and what it involves. In anyway, Computational thinking can be a great help in using new technologies and how to apply them in several fields of the knowledge. It is a new and fundamental way of thinking and problem solving, described as a way for solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behavior by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science. Some fundamental concepts of Computational Thinking that are recognized by all different currents of thinking are the abstraction, algorithm design, data collection, decomposition and pattern recognition.

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Javier Bilbao, Olatz García, Carolina Rebollar, Eugenio Bravo, Concepción Varela. (2016) Behaviors that Computational Thinking involves. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 1, 1-7