Wen-Hung Li, Yu-Cheng Lin, Han Chang, Ping-Liang Chen, Shin-Jia Chen



Arowana Breeding Application Using Internet of Things

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Internet of Things, Arowana, Arduino, Open CV, Android, Sensor


Application of IoT (Internet of Things) extends far and wide, embedded with software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity, transforming things in daily life into a new era of computer-based internetworking world. The added-value services of IoT will be dominating the trend of application market within 20 years. Connection and interaction of technology have been based on various internet techniques and new concepts for internet technology, from age of electronics to era of intelligence and from P2P (person to person) to P2M (person to material). This study is applying concepts of IoT for breeding of arowana. There are three parts of key technologies applied for the research:(1) Arduino: Arduino Uno R3 was used for integrating various sensors and automation devices ( like water level sensing module, water temperature detection stick, water solenoid valve and aquarium heating rods) to collect the data changes in the water quality of the water tank, water level, temperature and automatically adjust the water temperature and water level at any time. (2) Windows application: Visual C # is used to develop a Windows application via serial port transmission, aggregating the information obtained by the Arduino for the server database In addition, we also use OpenCV library to monitor the moving image of arowana through webcam and shoot photographs of the water tank in_x000D_
fixed cycle of time for records. (3) Asp.Net web: In the present study, we erected a dynamic IIS web server, allowing users of various specifications of smart devices to connect monitoring network. We have also developed a user-friendly Android App to facilitate downloading the app. In the present study, we provide adequate information regarding water quality control, water level, water temperature and activities of arowana in their best breeding situation, for the pet fish farming industry as well as aquaculture industry, with a hope that they can maintain a stable environment for breeding fish in a more controllable and comprehensive way.

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Wen-Hung Li, Yu-Cheng Lin, Han Chang, Ping-Liang Chen, Shin-Jia Chen. (2016) Arowana Breeding Application Using Internet of Things. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 1, 134-137